An Illuminating Installation for TruStage

Illuminating TruStage's Vision

At LLM Design, we take great pride in crafting unique and meaningful design solutions that not only meet our clients’ needs but also reflect their core values. TruStage, formerly CUNA Mutual, recently rebranded their identity and refined their customer offering. As a business within the insurance, investment, and technology solutions space, they focused on becoming more welcoming and approachable.

The Concept

Light, a symbol of prosperity, hope, and clear vision, became not only the central theme, but physical embodiment or the design. We wanted light to be both dimensional and ephemeral. The client’s mission of celebrating individuality with inclusivity, further inspired us to create a dynamic installation rich with variety and playfulness.

The Creative Solution

To bring our concept to life, we knew we had to explore a material with multi-directional and dimensional qualities. Dichroic film offers such characteristics. As light engages the film, different colors are reflected, refracted, and projected. The use of dichroic film became the perfect medium to represent the diversity and uniqueness of the TruStage brand.

The Execution

Getting the desired effect was no easy feat. Prototyping and experimentation was a necessary part of the process to find the right angles for the dichroic panels to reflect light optimally. Positioning and sizing were noted with preciseness as to develop exact installation instructions for a successful piece. Light source brightness was yet another parameter to control the desired effect.

The Result

The end result was nothing short of spectacular. The light installation effectively brings visitors toward this hidden corridor as a well known “selfie” spot. As one of many elements within TruStage’s Light House building, the installation exemplifies the company’s mission to provide a clear vision and beacon of hope for its customers. 

In the journey of bringing TruStage’s vision to life, we learned that sometimes the most brilliant ideas come from stepping outside traditional avenues and embracing the unique qualities of the unknown. 


American Graphic Design Award for TruStage
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