For Those Moms About to Rock

The Lazy Susans

Leila always hated the question: so what do you do for fun? As a mom of three (+1 dog), business owner, college professor, board/council/committee member, and community advocate, she struggled to answer this question with any real conviction. Sometimes she thought about answering with “I work” but that doesn’t really equate to “fun.” Starting a “mom band” with some of her best friends is FUN. After years of racing around with others as a priority, for the first time Leila is telling her kids “I’m important, too.” And as she heads towards a certain age (in her words!)–one that thinks backward instead of forward–and a body that creaks instead of cranks, she’s realizing that it’s the healthiest thing she could have ever done.

Check out the article in this month’s issue of Boston Magazine about their humble band, The Lazy Susans.