Card Sharks

Passing out business cards may be an urban legend in this day and tech-savvy age, but the act is still necessary to best represent you and your company. Considering we usually design for others, when it came to LLM, we wanted to be very thoughtful about how we would represent ourselves. It was important to give the cards a personality that would reflect the unique makeup of each team member, yet have a visual consistency that connects us.  As a result, within the illustrative montage that represents who we are, there is a common thread – a continuous bold horizontal line that runs through each image.


Capturing her University of Virginia experience within the dome of the Rotunda, Leila’s card demonstrates her love for mid-century – modern Bauhaus design, commitment to teaching the next generation of Wentworth Institute’s designers represented by the WIT shield and her family of five that keeps her grounded.


Travis’ card captures a photography eye moniker through the lens of his favorite camera, love for the northern lights, typical wardrobe attire of everyday plaid shirts and his affinity for the Green Bay Packers.

Draped with her native country map and origin city of Mumbai, Priyanka’s card captures her love for classical Indian dance and her devotion to being a true foodie.

Mike’s card highlights his coffee obsession, fascination with stained glass and an active lifestyle, which includes playing golf and skiing.

Mid-century modern motifs adorn Kimm’s card, including textures, house design, furniture and Ray Lichtenstein paintings. Her mastery of all things crafts and baking are reflected as rulers, utensils, and yummy baked goods.


Candace incorporates her South Shore beach sensibility, green thumb gardening and baking skills all framing her love for her home, family, and the elegant letter “G”.

Complete with an integrated reflection of his Vietnamese roots, Que’s card includes a map, noodles with chopsticks as well as his pet bird, food that he loves, and Muay Thai mastery.

Jocelyn’s card contains nods to her love for decorative script text, her obsession with finding the best tasting coffee, all things “cat”, and her perpetual plugged in social media connection.

Dorran’s card is complete with representations of Fibonacci numbers in a golden ratio as well as designers or specific architectural projects that have influenced his work throughout the years.