Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship

The LLM team volunteered at Gifts to Give last Friday for what has become our annual tradition of taking a day to give back to the community. Gifts to Give is an amazing organization that is dedicated to fighting child poverty in southeastern Massachusetts, while also connecting young people to giving and service. 


Almost 50% of American children live in poor or low-income households. In the Southcoast area of Massachusetts alone, over 3,000 children are homeless and over 30,000 children live in poverty. Those are staggering numbers, and that’s way too many children without clothes, food, or books. Gifts to Give is run by thousands of volunteers (both young and old) processing tons of donated children’s gear which is inspected, cleaned, organized, re-purposed and then gifted to thousands of local children in-need. This was our second year volunteering at Gifts to Give. We were so blown away after our first visit by how much good they accomplish. We knew we had to do it again.


Gifts to Give welcomes drop-in volunteers and groups of all ages and sizes to help them out. It’s what keeps the organization going and keeps impoverished children from being forgotten or left behind. Check out their site (link: https://www.giftstogive.org/) and learn about how you can help, too!