Corbus Pharmaceuticals
Norwood, MA

Designing Inspiration

The people at Corbus are doing amazing things. As they focus on developing breakthrough therapies for rare inflammatory and fibrotic diseases, we focused on designing them a new kick-ass workspace. The first phase of our effort involved a 30,000 SF fit-out of their HQ, designed to not only reinforce the Corbus brand, but to also create a sense of movement, through joined architectural elements and lighting, that celebrates healthy lifestyles as a counter to impact from the debilitating diseases they combat. We returned a couple years later to design the second phase, a full fit-out of the first floor to allow for the company’s continuing expansion.


Telling the Brand Story

Both visitors and employees are taken on a visual experience of the Corbus mission, illustrated through carefully selected finishes and furniture, custom graphic wallpaper in floor-to-ceiling treatment, wall mounted thematic posters, floor graphics, and creative displays of their Who We Are, What We Do, and Where We Have Been messaging.


The architectural details established in the Phase 1 buildout were continued to accommodate the growing staff but also allowed for additional branding elements that connect users to what they do. Lighting included using Corbus’ patented molecular structure geometry as a prominent fixture as well as gradient lines that represent movement – the goal for the pharmaceuticals they produce for those suffering from chronic conditions. Other elements include a wish wall for patients to personalize what they look forward to regaining in life once the drug takes effect. Lastly, a full wall of colored cow bells was designed to remind and represent what has become a cultural expression of joy, ringing throughout the office when positive results are reported – because the people of Corbus Pharmaceuticals thrive on participation in the race for a cure.

Sean Moran

LLM Design not only delivered our new office space within a compressed time frame, but they also found creative ways to maximize the budget and design a brand experience that engages and inspires our employees. We now have much more than a beautiful new office. We have changed the way people experience the workplace and the Corbus Pharmaceuticals brand. We were so pleased with the process and end result that we have engaged LLM Design to design our new expansion space as well.

Chief Financial Officer - Corbus Pharmaceuticals