Wits End
Wit’s End Bar  |  Cambridge, MA

Witty Headline Here

Ernest Hemingway once said that he drinks to make people more interesting. We totally get it. LLM designed the Wit’s End experience to help us all be a little more interesting–in a place where you can be your most creative and thought-provoking self. From the 20,000 scrabble pieces set into the bartop to the custom TV Guide wallpaper and the cheeky bathroom graphics, Wit’s End embodies cool and cultivates  all sorts of good conversation.


Get Your Smart On

Quirky, smart, offbeat…dare we say, witty? The Wit’s End brand was created to be an extension of its owner, as well as a reflection of Inman Square. Luckily, those two go hand in hand. We designed a visual identity that creates a familiar, comfortable vibe while hinting at the promise of a good night out with friends, filled with stimulating conversation and impassioned debate.

What do 20,000 scrabble pieces look like?

It just so happens we know the answer to that one. Which is that they look pretty damn awesome when you lay them out across an entire bar, glue them on, and epoxy it all together. Hidden deep within the labyrinth of letters you can find all of our names, favorite places, drinks, and sooooo much more. Come take a look and let us know what you find. 

A Good Place to Stir It Up

Above all else, have fun. Responsibilities, jobs, mortgages, using the correct fork at a dinner party…these things can weigh us down. We need moments where we can feel free to laugh out loud and be ourselves. LLM designed the Wit’s End interiors and environmental graphics with that in mind. Custom woodwork pieces like the Scrabble bartop and game table, combined with quirky wall graphics like the TV Guide wallpaper and the cheeky bathroom art, create an experience that reinforces the brand message in a series of memorable moments.