1180 Avenue of the Americas
Northwood Investors  |   New York, NY

Jungle 1 - Concrete 0

The jungle wins at 1180. From fresh air and fresh ideas outside to retreat-like spaces for thoughtful collaboration inside, the reimagined 1180 provides an enlightened office opportunity.

The bold new lobby, a series of outdoor terraces, and the ultimate penthouse amenities center create an inviting, contemporary space–and more importantly, the rare opportunity to be different. LLM Design’s marketing campaign reintroduces 1180 to the market as the unique Midtown gem it was always meant to be.


A Green Space to Make Your Mark

The visual identity was inspired by the architectural structure of the roof decks soon to be on each floor. The green corner accent is, you guessed it, a nod to the new green space and fresh air on the terraces.

Embrace the Pace

New York City. Move fast, or it will move you. And while most New Yorkers thrive on chaos, we wanted to tell a different New York story–a story of a different kind of building, where thrive is welcome but chaos stops at the door. Meet 1180.

Bryan Boisi

LLM Design created a collaborative and open environment for all of us working to reposition and market 1180 A of A. From the initial brainstorms and creative sessions to the last site visits, the process was well managed and inclusive. The LLM team listened, encouraged feedback, fostered collaboration and came up with creative solutions that made it clear they had heard and understood our needs. The end result is a marketing campaign that has already proven effective.

Senior Director - Cushman Wakefield

Urban Gallery

The neighborhood story is an important one for 1180, and it was crucial that we visually capture the energy of Midtown and all it has to offer–including those quintessential New York City moments. These neighborhood photography shoots were carefully planned, scouted, and executed so we got just the right shots to support the brand.

Differentiation is the Destination

As developers seek to win the hearts and minds of New Yorkers, differentiation has become the destination. The marketing materials for 1180 are designed to position the building as the unique offering that it is. Genuine New York: bold, modern, and reimagined for creative thinkers.


Inviting and contemporary. Modern and fresh. This visual story sets the scene for 1180’s reinvention.