Rowes Wharf
Rowes Wharf | Boston, MA

Streamlining an icon: Rowes Wharf gets a sleeker look

The task of refining the identity of a prominent Boston landmark required a delicate balance between preserving its historical significance and embracing a fresh look. A modern, forward-looking typeface was chosen to complement the recognizable architectural arch. The original logo detailed this “Gateway to Boston” along with a sailboat graphic. LLM Design carefully redrew the arch and boat with a more refined stroke, overlaid a crisp color palette, and wrote new taglines to create a cohesive identity package. 

Elevating Rowes Wharf: A Luxurious Virtual Experience

Synonymous with luxury, the Rowes Wharf brand has always held an aspirational tone. We worked with our partners at Above Summit and Tiltpixel to visualize this tone through a virtual story experience. Marketing material included a thought-provoking video campaign and 3D VR walkthroughs showing new interiors. Together with the nuanced identity, Rowes Wharf is re-introduced as a destination workplace.

Marketing Video

Embarking on the journey of revitalizing the identity of one of the most iconic and easily recognizable locations in Boston was a task that demanded not only a meticulous attention to detail but also a keen and imaginative vision. This endeavor required a delicate balance between respecting the historical significance that this location held in the hearts of Bostonians and the need to infuse it with a fresh, contemporary essence.